Nikon D300 and D3 Availability

Rob Galbraith is still in the trenches with Nikon. He reports:

D3 bodies are currently being made at a rate of about 400 per day in Sendai, but this will grow to about 600 per day in September for a planned ongoing production of 12,000 units per month. Assembly of the D300, which takes place at Nikon’s factory in Thailand, will also be in full swing in September, at which time 60,000 units of the midrange digital SLR will emerge each month.

Both the Nikon D3 and D300 are set to ship in November. Stay current on the availability of the new cameras here.

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  1. Eric says


    Check out this post for the most recent update. In short, it has begun shipping from many retailers, but it may be hard to find due to all of the pre-orders.