NASA Orders 76 Nikon D2Xs Cameras



The NASA order specifically comprises of 76 D2XS digital SLR cameras, 39 NIKKOR Lenses (in two types), 64 Speedlight flashes, batteries and other accessories which will support both flight and training requirements. Except a change to NASA-specified lubricants, the D2XS models to be used for EVA are almost identical to those commercially available on the market. The D2XS models will undergo stringent NASA testing before they are qualified to be manifested for a particular mission. (read more of Nikon’s press release)

Maybe the Nikon D3 isn’t coming anytime soon after all? At $4300, the Nikon D2Xs isn’t exactly cheap (well over $300,000 for 76 of’em). Maybe NASA just didn’t want a D3? Your thoughts?