Canon 40D Ad – “Coming this fall.”

Another image of the Canon 40D has surfaced. This time in the form of an ad bearing the caption “Coming this fall.” This is supposed to appear as an ad in Shutterbug soon. (via POTN forums)

Keep up to date on the Canon 40D here.

UPDATE 8/15/07: I emailed the editor of Shutterbug yesterday re: this ad. He says to regard it as bogus attribution and that “all our production team are women.” The significance in that factoid is that the original poster of the ad (on the POTN forums mentioned above) said that his “man” at Shutterbug emailed the image to him. . . . Your guess is as good as mine, but I thought I’d just pass along the info.

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  1. […] 8/13/07: Several folks have written in to confirm the Best Buy leak and that the kit will include the EF 28-135 IS lens. Also, there’s a new photo for the Canon 40D ad campaign . . . check it out. 8/10/07: Another source confirming the Best Buy leak. […]