Sony’s Got a Blog and They’re Talking Alphas

You heard me. Check it out:

At the last Photo Marketing Association industry conference, we offered a glimpse of what’s cooking in the Sony D-SLR kitchen. Here are a few of those highlights:

· We have developed two camera prototypes targeting amateur enthusiasts and professional users.

· Both prototypes feature:

o High overall picture quality due to the development of a new image sensor;

o A Bionz image processing engine; and

o Sony’s Super Steady Shot image stabilization inside the cameras.

· Eight interchangeable lenses were also unveiled which feature:

o Large aperture standard zoom

o Telephoto zoom

o Large aperture wide angle zoom  

o Super telephoto zoom

o Super telephoto fixed

o Telephoto fixed

o Wide angle fixed

o Large aperture wide angle fixed

Be on the lookout for more specific Alpha product announcements later in the year.

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