Nikon Reps and the Nikon D3 . . . the Plot Thickens

Yet another forum poster, Jeffrey Anderson, has revealed more info on the Nikon D3 today.  Apparently, he was in a Ritz Camera store in Studio City when a Nikon Rep was discussing the future almost-full-frame sensor.  His account:

I spoke to the representative and asked him when we could expect the announcement and he said about 45 days. 

What I heard was that Nikon has 1.0 and 1.1 in testing.

We’ll see.

When pressed for details on the issue, the poster revealed more:

Studio City, Ritz Camera, Don’t know his name, black hair

I’m only conveying what others have heard reps or supposed reps say at the camera stores. I overheard him talking to the salesmen and then entered the conversation.

A salesman asked why 1.1 and the rep said it was because of light fall off, edge softness, etc.

And perhaps some of the most sensible info was posted in response to Mr. Anderson’s rumor:

if Nikon knew who this person is, they’d fire them. Nikon does not “leak” information through “reps” … they only announce information when they have something REAL to move into stores.

as a matter of fact, they dump different information to different groups, and when erroneous announcements are leaking, the know where it came from.

do people REALLY think Nikon allows pre-sale information to be leaked through some rep?

Interesting?  Yes.  Groundbreaking?  No.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, lest we go overboard like we did with the Jim Seaholm rumor from PMA.

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