Nikon D3

A summer announcement is reportedly due for the D2- successor, presumably a Nikon D3. That’s the story over at anyway. This appeared in a recent forum post:

UK Nikon rep who made her yearly visit to us at a regional awards evening last week quite bluntly in fact HOWEVER we have been assured that a new camera is imminent, a summer announcement btw, and furthermore she will deliver the new camera to us for useage in september and if it fails to be a canon mk3 beater then she’ll take them off her hands with no questions asked. When pressed on names ie d3h or x she declined to say as this has not been decided as of yet (it’s just a code number at the moment apparently) but said the camera would be at least as big file size as the current d2xs and faster than the d3hs, other than that there was no further information ie full frame etc., sorry but it was an awards evening and by the time we spoke it was fairly late on.

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