Nikon D3 Due “Around Fall” 2007

Here’s the latest and greatest from the long string of rumors dug up from the forums over at from someone who knows someone in the know:

I was today on a major event from a camera store (big one at VA region), and the Nikon representative that I know was there, also the Canon guy with a Mark III demo.

I teased my Nikon guy friend about the June 1st (Canon III date), and he told me that Nikon will have a BIG answer for that around fall, and will be BIG.

He was the one that gave me some tips around the D200 launch day.

Right, I know. Real solid stuff here. The post author does catch a little flack from the certainty of his prediction. Certain or not, its more for the rumor mill and that’s what we’ve got to deal with until Nikon makes an announcement.

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