Canon 40D Due July ’07

Or, so the latest rumor has it.

This is the lastest in a series of rumors that really dug in September 2006. User Fred Relaix on the Fred Miranda forums reported this afternoon in this forum that:

The Canon retailer in Paris where I bought a lot of stuff just told me that Canon has annonced them the 40D will the there in July. They did not get any details (except it will be an EF-S compatible camera), but they say that the 5D replacement will not ship this year.
For what it is worth…

Another FM user, wimg, bolsters the rumor’s credence and adds a little extra juice to it:

Spoke with 2 Canon reps, over the last 6 weeks or so, and one of the major retailers’ store owners over here.

The 40D is expected in store at the end of June, and at the latest the beginning of July. This is what they said. No specs, though.

Furthermore, the replacement for the 1Ds MkII is expected in September, and at the latest beginning of December.  [see page 4]

Whatever its worth, it’s another rumor for us to chew on. I can’t imagine the marketing from Canon would hold on much longer if it really will be there in July. The coming days will tell.

Finally, to throw a little more fuel on the fire, Peter Bernik over at PMA Rumors reports that he has received the same information from an independent source.

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