Friday Link Dump

Learn how to get white balance right the first time, in-camera.

Protect your images online – 3 different ways to do it.

Read (another) nice preview for the Canon 1D Mk III by Bob Atkins over at See some more shots of the camera here.

Check out Ken Rockwell’s review of the Fuji S5.

There is yet another memory card format coming to town. There are already too many formats. Thanks SanDisk and Sony.

If you still don’t get what “crop-factor” means, read this.

Apparently, I missed the gravy train on the Nikon D80. More gravy. Guess I’ll have to keep living with my D40 . . . I’ll manage to survive, I suppose.
Get Canon’s Lenswork III for free.

Also, get Adobe’s new Getting Started in Adobe Lightroom [.pdf] for free.

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