Sigma’s 18-200 Stabilized Lens Finally Available

Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OS

Ok, not just yet, but you can now pre-order it now through Amazon in Canon, Nikon and, of course Sigma mounts. This thing was announce at Photokina last fall. Finally, it looks like it will actually release (ship?) on May 10, 2007. Canon is the company that really needed this lens though. Nikon has the wonderful 18-200 VR already. I’ve even been contemplating picking up a D40 or D50 (I’m a Canon user) just so I could have the 18-200 VR to carry around on family vacations and outings. I’m looking forward to reading some reviews on this lens and I’ll be sure to pass along my thoughts if I end up picking one up. If it lives up to the hype, it looks like a real bargain in the $550 neighborhood.



  1. […] Also, image stabilization is becoming more and more essential (and marketable) for Canon and Nikon cameras. This is due in part to the push we’ve seen from Sony, Olympus and Pentax to incorporate IS in the body of DSLRs. Sigma has a few lenses that offer Optical Stabilization, as Sigma calls it, including their new 18-200mm OS lens. Tamron’s got the superzoom 28-300mm VC (vibration compensation). Expect more of this feature as these companies introduce new lenses. […]